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There are many features of EDINSO QBM (Question Bank Management) like: The first and the foremost feature is Question Tagging which is a special construction in English. It is a statement which is followed by a mini-question and with the help of this feature, the admin, as per the institute's requirements, can add tags from the various options available for you. Along with this, our question bank management system helps in Question Paper Generation in 3 ways i.e., Manual, Semi-automatic and Automatic and the best part is, EDINSO QBM supports every Type of Question that is required in today's competitive examinations. One of the features is concerned with Question Bank Uploading which is very helpful and convenient for an institute's admin as they can upload the entire question bank in one go which saves a lot of time. Lastly, to make learning interesting, we provide various Difficulty Levels in our QBM like High, Medium or Easy.

There are many features of our Secured Pen drive like: Firstly, as the name suggests, our pen drive is highly Secured which is possible with the help of our in-built security features which protect the data stored from any kind of theft or piracy of data. To protect the data, our USB drives offer data security on-the-go with the help of hardware-based AES 256-bit Data Encryption which is considered to be very reliable. Last but not the least, optimum protection measures are taken to Protect Hardware from Viruses which is the safest way to prevent end users from deleting, modifying and formatting their data and even against viruses & other malware infections.