Institute management system is designed to improve the management process of an institution from student management to attendance management, enquiry follow-up management to student enrollement. Institute management system is truly scalable with power to revolutionize the way institutes run.


An innovative, new age, ultra-smart campus management software which seamlessly simplifies the back-end operations of schools, colleges and other educational establishments. IMS provides an online system and digital empowerment to students to track records, reports, management at any time & anywhere.


There are many features of EDINSO IMS (Institute Management System) like: The first feature refers to Enquiry Management which helps an institute in managing all inquiries along with lead generation, follow-ups and third-party integration. The second feature is concerned with Fee and Revenue Management which assists the institute to manage fees and revenue through a hassle-free process. It provides a secured and detailed log of reports and fee data to the institution thus ensuring zero data manipulation. The third feature offered is Admission Management which manages all follow-ups, enquiry updates and maintains proper storage of all data. It even offers a service of push notification about the institute's admissions. The fourth feature refers to Attendance Management which can turn out to be a hard process otherwise. EDINSO IMS helps you stay updated with your attendance through various ways like mobile attendance, biometric integration, instant messages in case of absenteeism thus leading to transparency and utmost security.

The fifth feature refers to Reports and Analytics. EDINSO IMS offers access to detailed reports and analysis of the same. It provides a variety of report templates which are very useful for any institute. The analysis of the reports generated is in the form of bar graphs, pie charts and so on. These reports can be generated student-wise or even for the management! The next feature is concerned with Mobile Application. Now you can makeyour portal, portable & reliable and integrate all those features in the form of a mobile application which is user-friendly and accessed anytime, anywhere! Last but not least, our Institute Management System is Customizable i.e., you can get all the information on an interactive dashboard on the portal which is customizable as per your needs since EDINSO IMS comprises of a variety of impressive templates, just for you!.


  • Time efficiency
  • Eco-friendly
  • Saves money
  • Compatible
  • Optimum resource utilization
  • On premises and cloud based
  • Platform availability


Smart attendance

Admission management

Centre management

Enquiry management

Email integration

Multi branch connectivity